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You couldn’t believe what just happened! Some creeps just tried to drug you! You had been through a lot, but nothing like that! It scared you…you trembled slightly has you held onto Natasha. She had a protective arm around you both walked to your apartment building. Natasha hold was actually pretty pushed your number in and soon you both were in your apartment. Natasha had you sit on the couch while she went into your kitchen. A small voice in your head said to act just a little tough so she can leave…but a louder voice was saying you could’ve really screwed up everything…You fiddled with the gloves you had on your hands as you heard Natasha walked up to you.

“Wow you really don’t have anything.” Natasha handed you a glass of water. You smiled slightly and took it.

“I was going to go shopping after lunch, but that’s not going to happen until later…” You sighed.

“Hey don’t worry” Natasha sat next to you and placed a hand your shoulder “I know it was scary, but at least now you know that you have to be extra careful around here” You could tell that she wasn’t use to comforting people, but only smiled at her.

“Thank you Natasha, for everything.” Natasha smiled back.

“It’s not a problem-“ the sound of her cell phone ringing cut her off  “Excuse me.” She got up and went to the restroom to talk. You paid no mind to it and drank a bit the water.

Natasha’s (P.O.V.)
I locked the door and shut the curtains on the window. You never know who’s watching or listening. I saw it was Clint’s number and answered it right away.


‘Hey Tasha the kids wanted to know when you’re gonna be able to come over’

“Not any time soon and I’ve got a job for you.”

‘Can’t we ever just talk without work getting involved?’

I rolled my eyes at his dumb question. “This is serious. I need you to help dig some information about someone for me.”

‘Alright, alright, who?’

“Look up all the information you can on a girl named Aput. I have a feeling she’s been lying about her identity.”

‘Not everyone is a suspect Natasha’ He sighed

“And not everyone is a teenager that’s hiding from something, or someone” I replied to him (Oh yeah. She knows she’s not wrong *sassy snap* *sassy snap*)

‘Wait, what? What are you talking about?’

“I’ll explain later, just get me the information” I demanded

‘Alright, alright geez! What’s so important about this person anyway?’

“….” I thought back to what happened at the park “I’ll tell you later, I gotta go now. Meet me tonight at the tower, but in private.”

‘Uh okay, later’ He hung up.

I put away my phone and went back to Aput. I saw that she was nearly asleep on the couch. I couldn’t help but smile at her trying to stay awake. She looked like an innocent child. I went over and gently shook her shoulder.

“Hey, I gotta head out. If you’re still not okay, I’ll call Steve and Sam to come over.” I offered.

“Oh uh, no that’s okay” Aput stretched and smiled at me “I’ll be fine. I’m safe in my home thanks to you.”

“You’re welcome” I smiled back “I’ll be in touch” I got a paper and pen out to write my number. I handed it to her and said my goodbye. When I walked out I sent a text to Steve about what happened. I know I shouldn’t really question a kid, but I know when I feel something is wrong, it turns out to be worse…

Normal (P.O.V.)

You took a deep breath and laid down fully on your couch. Well she bought that! Sure you said you were scared and stuff, but you’ve been through worse! Since you were little you were taught to always fool your enemy no matter what you had to do. If you didn’t…you shook your head to get rid of the thought and sat back up. You were suppose to get a phone call from the bakery later on today and since you still had to be “scared” and probably “traumatized” you knew you should just stay inside.

You got up and decided to change in something comfy (… )to relax for the rest of the. The cable company told you earlier that the set up was completely done, so you have internet as well. You got a bag of your favorite snack and watched some T.V.  Of course you had to take off gloves so they wouldn’t get ruined. You can control your powers slightly, like taking a shower, typing, or eating finger food your powers wouldn't turn it into ice.

Just as you were about to relax with some good old television there was a frantic knock on your door. You jumped slightly at how loud and fast it was. You quickly put on your gloves again and opened the door. A very concerned Steve was at your door, still in his work out outfit from this morning.

“Steve? What are you doing here?” You asked a bit surprised.

“Natasha texted me that you got into some trouble; I came over as soon as I could, are you okay?” Steve asked very worried.

You were taken back a bit. No one had ever shown you such, such…


“Y-yeah…yeah I’m okay. Natasha helped me out and I’m just gonna relaxed the rest of the day. You don’t have to worry about me.” You tried to reassure him.

“Well that’s good” Steve relaxed a bit, but was still concerned. “I’m glad you’re okay Aput.” He smiled and you smiled back.

“Thank you Steve”

“No problem, how about for dinner I come over and make you something?”

Okay that’s far enough! You thought.

“No, no it’s alright! I already caused enough trouble and I still need to buy myself groceries for the week or I’m never gonna get it down.” You politely declined. It was true about the grocery part though.

“Then how about later on we go shopping together? We’ll pick out what you like, come back, and make dinner. We’ll kill two birds with one stone.” He persuaded with a smile.

“B-but…” You stuttered out.

“No buts! Be ready in an hour okay?” Steve chuckled.

Hearing his happy chuckle made you feel like shrinking. Steve was a really great guy…too great. He shouldn’t be near a moving trouble maker like you. No! You will not bring anymore innocent people into your trouble! You will decline and that will be it!

“Okay” You heard your words come out without your permission.

Wait, what?

“Great! I’ll be back in an hour!” Steve smiled brighter and walked into his apartment.

You stood right where you were…



You shut the door to get ready.

Steve’s P.O.V.

When I was walking to my restroom I froze in the hall way with a strange feeling. I thought I hear Aput curse! I shook my head and continued to the restroom.
I’m being a old man again and besides, Aput is a young lady, I’m sure she knows better than to curse out loud.
Avengers X Teen! Reader Ch. 8
HERE IS THE NEWEST CHAPTER!!!! I can't believe I took this long to update it T^T
But here you guys go! Enjoy and I'll update this story more often. Please like and comment!
Only the outfits and story belong to me not the Avengers
“Well guys, welcome to New York”

Everyone’s mouths were practically hanging and their eyes were popping out of their heads! This…this was what a world without titans looked like. Gigantic buildings that still let you see the sky, thousands of people with different individualities, technology that looked like it could be from the future, lights, colors…freedom. That was what was flowing through everyone’s minds right now.

“So do you guys like it?” You asked with a smile.

“It’s…i-it’s amazing!” Armin spit out.

“This is what your world looks like? Marco asked in shock.

“Yup!” You chuckled at their reactions.

You told Eric where to drop you off and was lucky enough to find a parking spot near the Manhattan Mall. You thought this mall would be the best to get everything everyone needed. Once you parked, everyone piled out of the van. Mikasa had Luna in her arms and Eren helped you get Aurora in her stroller. The rest were waiting for your instructions on what to do. You and Eric talked for a bit and agreed for him to come back in about 2-3 hours, but you’ll give the text when. You both gave a peck on each other’s cheeks and he drove off.

“Okay guys let’s stick together and have fun~” You clapped your hands.

Some of the others smile and nodded. You took Aurora’s stroller and started walking into the mall. Everyone followed you as you entered the mall. They all stared in awe at the big building they had entered. A million things ran through their minds as they looked around. You couldn’t help but smile at their expression. Though when you looked around you saw a couple of people giving you guys questionable looks.

“Tourist.” And with that they went on with their day.

You guys had gone all over the mall. All kind of stores for both the guys and girls, even for their undergarments *ahem*, which will never be brought up again. Though, a couple of them, Sasha, Connie, and Hanji, had started misbehaving a little, you got them in line though. Luna happily helped a few them pick out some clothes and items. Aurora had fallen asleep about thirty minutes after arriving. You were almost done shopping for everyone when Aurora woke up and started to cry.

“What’s the matter Little Kitty?” You asked in the baby-voice you sometimes do. You picked her up from the stroller and instantly smell something funky.

“What’s wrong with her?” Ymir asked with a few shirts in her arms.

“Yeah, she just needs a change.” You explained. “I’m glad we’re in Macy’s since they have restrooms here. I’m just gonna give Aurora a quick change and then…” You looked at the time on your watch “We’ll have lunch. I think you guys have everything you need.”

“You’re going to leave us here?” Annie asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Levi and Erwin are still in charge. I’m just gonna change Aurora real quick, promise, I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.” You left to where the restrooms where.

When you finally reached the restroom you quickly changed Aurora into a clean diaper. The new clean diaper made your precious baby stop crying. You held her close and wiped away the last tears she shed.

“There, there Little Kitty~” You cooed in a baby voice. “You’re all clean now.” You smiled at her as you walked back to where everyone was at.

“Well isn’t that cute~” That voice! You groaned and turned to the source of the voice.

“What do you want?” You asked annoyed.

“Oh come on sweet cheeks, don’t I at least get a ‘hello’?” The guy smirked.

“No. What do you want?” You deadpanned.

The guy chuckled “I guess I’ll just get to the point. I need you-“

“No.” You began to walk away.

“Wait! You don’t even know what I was going to say!” The guy jogged up to you.

“I don’t care. I have my nieces and a lot of company over, so I can’t help you anyway.” You explained as you kept walking.

“Come on sweet cheeks let’s-“

“Let’s get one thing straight!” You snapped at him. “I have nothing to do with you guys anymore! I quite for a damn good reason and I’ve been happier then I ever could! I want nothing to do with you guys at all! Now you have two seconds to get away from me before I drop kick you!” You spat at him. You were now pissed! The guy puts his hands up in defense and takes a step back.

“Okay! Okay!” He backed off. “I get it, I’ll back off.” You sighed deeply when he finally agreed.

“But I’m still gonna keep in touch.” You rolled your eyes at that.

“Oh come on, we had some great times! Besides with everything that’s going on we could use some of that normal life that you have.” He tried to persuade you.

“Since when did the famous genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist care about the normal life?”  You asked raising a brow.

You only received a chuckle from the very annoying man. “Don’t worry about that just”, he handed you a high tech business card, “I want you to at least have my number for emergencies.”

You stared at him for a bit before sighing and taking the card. You knew how he was…he has a very hard time taking no for an answer. If you didn’t take the card he would probably hack into your phone and annoy you 24/7.

“Fine, but I gotta go. I have people waiting for me.” You said as you walked away.

You couldn’t see, but you could tell that he was waving goodbye at you. “See ya sweet cheeks!” You rolled your eyes and throw the finger at him. Which only caused him to chuckle and he left in the opposite direction.

When you got to the others they all quickly surrounded you. They were extremely worried and some throwing questions after questions at you. A small chuckled nearly escaped from you, but held it back and placed Aurora back in her stroller.

“Guys, guys, we’re okay. I promise nothing happened.” You explained while strapping her in.

“Then what the hell took you damn long?” Levi spat.

“Levi” Petra placed a gently hand on his shoulder to calm him down. Mikasa had covered Luna’s ears with her scarf. “What Levi means, we were just worried about you when you took longer than expected.” She explained.

“Sorry” You stood up and took control of Aurora’s stroller “I just ran into someone I knew and just chatted for a bit.” You explained with a shrug.

“Who was it?” Marco asked.

“Just someone from my past, anyway let’s go get some food” You quickly changed the subject and started walking to the food court.

“Yay food!” Sasha cheered running after you.

The others shrug and decided to follow. Along the way Luna was happily explaining what her stuff toy way. The others didn’t understand it at all, but smile at her adorableness. It took a while, but with the smell of food entering your nose, you could tell that you were almost there.

“Hey (Y/n) there’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask.” Annie spoke up.

“What’s up?”

“What’s with that birthmark on your shoulder?” She pointed out; which got everyone else curious as well. You let out a small chuckle when she said birthmark.

“It’s not a birthmark it’s a tattoo.”

“Tattoo?” Armin questioned.

“I guess you can say that it’s a permanent art picture on your body. The one on my shoulder is something for me and my sister (I’m giving you guys a little sister cause I’m tired of putting sibling). I’ll show you guys in a bit, but for right now” You stopped when you were in front of the food court “Let’s eat!”

It took a while, but everyone picked out what they wanted and even got to try a few new things. You got Luna a kids meal and she instantly took out her toy. You reminded her that she has to eat first and eat later. Once everyone sat down to eat you helped your girls to sit and eat.

“So what is your tattoo?” Eren asked.

“Oh! Thanks for reminding me!” You took out your phone and showed everyone the picture of the day you and your sister got the tattoo. Your phone was carefully passed around so everyone could see.…

“So if it’s permanent, why did you get that?” Ymir asked.

“It represents that my sister is the only one that has the key to my heart. No one else
gets me like her and she is the only one I can truly trust with my feelings and things like that.” You smiled after explaining. Everyone else smiled at your explanation, but all of the guys couldn’t help but feel a little sad that there was already someone with the key to your heart.

“Do you have anymore?” Hanji asked.

You smiled and showed them the tattoo that you and Eric got a year ago,… one that represented your girls,… (it’s not really your full back, it’s small on where ever you want it. The flower represents Luna and the butterfly represents Aurora) and one of a black swan.…

“What does the black swan represent?” Connie asked.

“Oh uh…it’s kind of my nickname when I dance. Because I like to dance to dark music they call me the black swan.” You hesitantly explained. It was what you were called when dancing, that’s not where you first got the nickname.

“That’s pretty cool.” Jean smiled. Luna got the phone and went back to the tattoo you got for her and her sister.

“Auntie say I ta petty flower an sissy the buerfly!” She smiled.

Some of the gang melted at her cuteness. Luna looked at the picture one more time and then gave the phone back to you. You smiled and kissed her head.

“Okay, if everyone is done we can pack up and go home.” You announced. Everyone was pretty much done so they threw away their trash. Reiner offered to throw away yours and the girls trash, which you greatly appreciated. You looked around to see if everything was set to go home. Everyone had their own bags of the clothes they bought, Aurora was set in her stroller, Luna was holding onto your hand.

“Okay guys, let’s go home.”
Attack On Titan X Reader Modern AU Chapter 10
Hey everyone here is the chapter. Sorry I took a little longer then expected I'm dealing with some stuff at home. I will also keep the gay characters because people need to quite getting piss off that there are gays and need to realize that they look like a little bitch. So here's your chapter. AOT is not mine, nor the tattoos, only the outfits are mine

Okay guys I know you all have heard
of the horrible shooting in Orlando, Florida
and I just want to say that in my most recent
chapter in my Attack on Titan story I had added gay characters.
I know that this is a very heartbreaking and
emotional time for many so if you want me to change
the characters because of this emotional time, please let me know.
I know that this really shouldn't effect my story, but
this was an act of hate and because someone full of anger
and hate took the lives of many innocent people.
Even if one person here wants me to change it because
they were affected by this terrible act then I will change it.
I am Catholic and we were taught that being gay is
bad, but we were also taught to love people for who they are.
I was taught to look pass skin color, disabilities, not so pretty faces,
weight, homosexuality, and to judge a person on their actions.
I pray for all the victims and their families that were affected by
this evil act. A man from my hometown was killed in the shooting
and I may not have known him, but that doesn't change the fact that my hometown
wasn't affected either. Those people were human beings and
they deserve to love who they want because there is nothing we can do about it.
It doesn't matter how disgusted you are because no matter how much
hate you give them, you are the one who is truly suffering.
I refuse to look at gays and fill myself with hate and anger because guess what,
they are happy and will still be happy. So in the end, you're only hurting yourself.
And don't be like that big head, no good, bratty, self center, racist, dumb ass Trump
and praise him for what he said about Muslims cause guys what people!
You are just being as ugly as him.
Religion and race have nothing to do with these crimes that have
been happening they are just evil people and guess what the number one thing evil does.
Evil takes the form of every race, religion, gender, and age.
We are all humans and no matter the differences we each have
we should accept one and other
because that is the one step we still need to finally have peace.
I pray for Orlando and I pray that everyone here
can always be happy.
Praying for Orlando
Okay, so I had to put this out there because a lot of people are suffering and it isn't right to just let this slip by. Please et me know your thoughts and feelings. I know that someone is going to say something negative about this because there is always going to be that one person. I'm just going to ignore that person because their opinion is literally not going to do anything to me. It's just a nasty thought that will only be a nasty thought.

Your eyes snapped opened as you bolted up from bed. You looked over at your alarm and gave it an evil look. If it wasn’t so cute you would have shot it a long time ago. You turned it off and stretched your sleepy limbs. Still a bit tired you put on your slippers to go downstairs to make breakfast for you, your girls, and the others….


The memories of yesterday came flooding back into your head. Hanji made a mistake in one of her experiments and now the whole Attack on Titan crew was now in your world. You face palmed and let out a small groan. You’re gonna have to work twice as much to pay for everyone…

You looked back at your clock and saw it was 7:30 in the morning. You figured it’s best to make breakfast now. You headed downstairs and saw Erwin and Levi already there. You weren’t that surprised to see them up, after all they are commanders and have had to wake up much earlier than others. Since they didn’t have clothes from here, they were still in their uniforms. Erwin was setting some plates and silverware while Levi was inspecting them. You guessed it was cause they’re not the same from what he’s use to…or to see if any of them are dirty.

“Good morning” You greeted.

“Good morning” Erwin greeted back at you with a smile.

“Morning” Levi greeted, not looking at you.

You sighed on the inside, but brushed it off. You headed to the kitchen and started taking out everything you needed to cook for everyone. You decided to make everyone waffles, but will have the fruit on the side in case they didn’t want certain ones in their food.

“I’m going to make waffles with fruit on the side. Thank you for setting the plates, but I’ll take it from here.” You announced with a smile. You placed a regular waffle maker and an Olaf waffle maker for the girls.

“You have done so much for us and we promised to help as we can.” Erwin smiled back.

“And it’s not like we can do much in a world we don’t know” Levi bluntly stated.

“Well maybe instead of inspecting dishes you can do something more useful like getting the fruit out and rinse them” You bluntly stated back.

Levi shot you a glare that you happily respond with a sweet smile. Erwin placed a hand on his shoulder and shook his head. Levi knew what that meant and let out a ‘tsk’. He got up and headed to where you were in the kitchen.

You pointed to the refrigerator and explained that the fruits are in the drawer that was labeled fruits. When Levi opened the fridge he was taken aback by the sudden coolness and the features and because of how organized the whole thing was. It was neat with labels of what was where and pretty clean. His heart started to pound a bit faster. However, being the tough, cool, general he is he acted like her had no interest in it. He took out the containers that had strawberries and blueberries.

After explaining all of your instruction everyone started coming down (I got lazy). It was around 8:20 when everyone came down. You looked and saw that Mikasa had Luna in her arms, who had messy bed hair, and Petra had Aurora in her arms, who also had messy bed hair. Hanji happily held Chow in her arms.

“Good morning everyone!” You happily greeted, and was greeted back, then went over to Luna to give her a kiss. “And good morning my beautiful angels~!” You cooed and went to hold Aurora in your arms. Chow barked happily as a good morning, which made Hanji sequel.

“Good moning Auntie!” Luna cheered. Aurora cuddled into you, happy to see her aunt. You smiled and went over to set her in her high chair. Luna was set in her little table so she wouldn’t be so squished by the adults. You had Marco and Armin help serve two waffles and orange juice to everyone. Krista offered to take the wash fruit to the tables while Connie fed Chow his food.

“MMMM!!! What is that smell!? It smells amazing!” Sasha cheered.

“Wafel! Auntie make wafel!” Luna proudly answered

“Very good Luna” You smiled at her while making her plate. “And guess which waffle you get~” You placed her Olaf waffle in front of her, with syrup and a side of strawberries.

“Olaf!” Luna cheered. You giggled at her happiness and everyone watched with a smile (almost, you know who).

“What’s an Olaf?” Jean asked

“Olaf a happy snowman tat likes warm hugs!” Luna replied happily.

“He’s a character from her favorite movie; I’ll explain more later what a movie is and how they work.” You furthered explained.

They nod and started to eat. You took a small part of your waffle and cut it into tiny pieces for Aurora. Since her teeth are have been growing, it’s important to train their teeth and have them be more familiar with solid food. Everyone was happily eating the homemade waffles you made with the fresh fruit. What? As a dancer you couldn’t really eat anything too junky. Once Aurora was done eating, you gave her, her little bottle of milk for her to drink. After that you went over and started eating yourself.

“Okay guys,” You announced after a couple of bites. “What we are going to do today is get you guys some clothes from this world. From day clothes to pajamas to anything else you need. We’ll pile up in my car and another car, which I’m going to call, and head to a place called a mall. It’s like a market, but bigger and has a ton of more stuff.” You took another bite and swallowed. “Now where we’re going can be dangerous. I need you all to keep the girls safe, we’ll probably run into some rude people so keep your cool and you know who I’m talking to.” You sent a look to some of them who either nodded or rolled their eyes.

“Chow is going to stay with a neighbor while we’re out and also I need you guys to stay close together so we don’t get separated. Where we’re going is incredibly big, so it’ll be easy for you to get lost. After me and the girls change we’ll head over and get you guys what you need.” You finished. Everyone had nodded and started cleaning up after themselves. Armin offered to pick up you and the girls plates, which you happily said yes to.

You took the girls up to their rooms to get them ready for the day. First, you laid out Luna’s clothes out in front of her. Since she’s five, she needs to practice dressing herself. Luckily she enjoys doing things like that on her own.  She says it makes her feel like a big girl.

“Do I look pwetty Auntie?” Luna asked with a smile.

You turned to her after changing Aurora and smiled. “Of course you do~” You bent down and kissed her forehead. “No matter what, you will always be pretty” You smiled at her.

“Cause I kind and bwave like Cindaella!” Luna cheered.

“Yes you are~” You chuckled.

You went to pick up Aurora so you can have someone from downstairs watch her while you did Luna’s hair. You turned to walk out only to see blushing Berthold. His cheeks were a bit red and got surprised when you caught him. What you didn’t know was that he had watched you with Luna and thought it was the most adorable thing ever.

“What’s up Bert?” You asked.

“W-well I-I uh…I was just um wondering if uh…you need a-any help with the girls…” He stuttered out. You gave him a questioning look from his behavior, but shrugged it off.

“Yes, can you take Aurora downstairs while I do Luna’s hair?” Berthold hesitated at first, but nodded.

Too be honest, you weren’t a hundred percent sure if you could trust him to hold your delicate niece, but they all had to get use to them. You went over to him and gently and slowly gave him Aurora. Berthold slowly held her close and carefully.
Aurora looked up at Berthold with curious eyes. Berthold looked down at Aurora with slight fear in his eyes. They stared at each other for a moment until Aurora reached for his hair. When Bert let her, she smiled at how soft it was. Seeing the baby smile made you both smile. Bert slowly walked downstairs with the baby. You smiled then went to the girl’s restroom with Luna to do her hair.

Once Luna was done, you picked her up and headed down stairs where everyone was waiting. When you got to the living room you saw Bert was sitting on the couch with Aurora on his lap. Hanji was sitting next to him and had Chow in her hand. Hanji had Chow by his little paws and was playfully pawing at Aurora, who was absolutely loving it! Her giggles filled the room, which made the AOT crew smile. Hell even Levi and Annie had a small smile.
“Sissy! Chow!” Luna cheered and ran over to them. Mikasa happily picked her up and held her close to Hanji and Berthold.

“You look so cute Luna~” Krista gushed.

“Tank you” Luna thanked. You quickly snuck into the kitchen to call one of your friends to come over to your house.

You called your best friend Eric to come and give you a hand with taking everyone to the mall and to see if his boyfriend, John, can watch Chow. They have done it in the past and were more than welcome to. After hanging up you walked back to the living room where everyone was at.

“Okay guys I called my friend Eric to help give you a ride to the mall and his boyfriend John is gonna watch Chow while we’re out.” You announced.

“Yay! Uncle Ewic an Johnny are coming!” Luna cheered. You chuckled at her excitement. “Yes but only to let Auntie a hand. They have to go back to work after helping me; they’ll play with you another time.” Luna pouted a bit, but nodded understanding. However, mostly everyone gave you a questionable look.

“You let a gay couple watch your girls?” Levi suddenly asked. Though he didn’t sound disgusted, just confused.

“Yes. Is there a problem with that?” You asked crossing your arms.

“There’s nothing wrong with it at all! It’s just…not something we’ve seen a lot.” Petra answered honestly.

“Yeah, usually it’s awkward and rare in our world.” Hanji joined in.

“Well it’s kind of like that here, but worse.” You sighed. “I’ve known Eric for almost three years and John for one year and they’re both great guys. Eric helps me with my dancing, listens to my troubles, gives me advice, he’s my best friend. His boyfriend John always makes me laugh and loves to help out with the girls. They’ve proven to me that they can have my trust and have a bond with me. That’s all that should matter in a friendship.” Almost everyone smiled at how understanding you are. The boy’s hearts began to flutter a bit now knowing that your heart is bigger than they thought.

“Auntie say tat love is love! Mommy an Daddy love each oter an tat good! Uncle Ewic an Johnny love each oter an tat good to! Auntie say tat it bad to tink bad of people just cause tey diffent!” Luna announced. Some of them applauded Luna with a smile.

“That’s right Luna! Just because someone is different doesn’t mean you should judge them!” Eren patted her head.

“You should just respect them.” Mikasa smiled softly while holding her.

You smiled at how everyone was telling Luna it was good to accept different people. You heard the doorbell ring which startled nearly everyone. You quickly explained that it was just a way to let you know that people are in front of your house. After they relaxed, you opened the door to let Eric and John come in. After the greeting and introduction (I got lazy again) you spilt everyone into two groups. In your van it’s you (… ), your girls (… ), Hanji, Connie, Sasha, Marco, Jean, Eren, Armin, and Mikasa. In Eric’s van he had the rest, a.k.a. the people you knew that wouldn’t get so excited going into the city as the ones you have thus saving you from embarrassment. You and your girls had your goodbyes to John and Chow then left.

As you were driving to the city you answered questions that your friends were asking. Sometimes you would answer, sometimes Luna would answer. She was pretty smart for her age and only corrected her when her imagination would get a little too out of hand. Just then extremely tall buildings came into view. The whole AOT crew stared outside the window with amazement. Never have they seen much amazing building before! They had so many colors, lights, art, people, the thought it was amazing. You called Eric and told him to put you on speaker for the other to hear.

“Well guys, welcome to New York.”
Attack On Titan X Reader Modern AU Chapter 9
I AM BAAAAACK!!!! I have graduated, I am on break, and I made this chapter extra long to make it up to you guys! Sorry for taking forever, but I had senior this, senior that, all back to back to back! I'm really gonna try to post more faster! Thank you all for not giving up not it!
I do not own AOT just the outfits.
Luna happily skipped to her most favorite room of all. Her playroom!(… ) When she opened the door she happily went inside with Chow right behind her. Mostly everyone smiled when they walked into her playroom because 1 it was very cute and 2 Luna was just so happy to show them.

“Tis ta playroom Auntie make for me!” Luna explained happily “Me and sissy play all ta time wit Auntie and Chow!”
Chow had already got one of his chew toys and started biting it. Luna giggled and went over to Chow to play. Everyone had gotten in and started looking at the walls with the quotes. This made everyone feel…more…happy…more peaceful. From the quotes they each got a better understanding of your character a bit more and it made the boys feel a bit warm inside (*wink* *wink*)

The door had opened which caused everyone to see who had entered. It was you with Aurora in your arms who was sucking on her tiny thumb. You smiled when you saw Luna playing with Chow.

“Luna did you show everyone the rooms?” You asked.

Luna looked up at you and nodded with a big smile “Aw-huh I chowed tem all ta rooms Auntie!” she stated proudly. You and some of the other couldn’t help but chuckle at her adorableness

“Great job Luna, now I need to Levi and Erwin to come down stairs to help with dinner and the rest can stay here and play with you and Aurora” You ordered kindly

“I’m fine with that” Mikasa said within a second and was already holding Luna in her arms. Man she really was like a ninja since she grabbed Luna in a blink of an eye.

“Yay!” Luna cheered

“Yay I get to stay and play with her to!” Hanji bounced over to Luna, who was held closer by Mikasa.

Everyone else looked at you with a look of confusion, but you mouthed to them “I’ll tell you later”, so with that you handed Aurora over to Petra, mostly cause you knew they would be the most responsible with Aurora. You walked back down stairs with Levi and Erwin behind you.

“Okay guys, I ordered some pizza for us to eat so while we wait I need to talk to you about how things work” You said as you sat in the kitchen with them sitting in front of you.

“First things first, my girls are my life so I am going to trust you all that you will keep them happy, safe, and that you’ll keep them alive while I’m at work. Second, since you guys are staying here I am going to probably have to work more to make more money so I can keep this place stable enough for all of us. And lastly since you all of you are going to stay here I’m expecting that you’ll keep this house clean so that way every time I come home it won’t like a storm was in my house, do you guys understand?” You finished.

“Yes, you have my word that we will do everything to help you since you are giving us so much” Erwin answered.

“And you have my word I’ll keep everyone in check” Levi stated.

“Thanks, but I’m not done talking about this. When I put the girls to sleep I’ll need to talk to everyone about the places nearby like the park, the schools, and things like that” You had continued. “Not only that, but this world is completely different from yours, so it’s going to take some time for you all to get use to it. Little by little I’ll explain how things work, what they are, and where they came from. I may not have all the answers, but I’ll do my best to explain.”

“We thank you for your help Miss (f/n)” Erwin smiled lightly at you. His smile was very handsome in fact it kind of reminded you Ste-you slightly shook your head to get that thought your of your head.

“Uh please don’t be so formal” You laughed lightly and nervously “I’m fine with just (f/n)” you didn’t notice the tiny blush that formed on your cheeks. Erwin chuckled as you flustered, but Levi’s eyes grew colder and only glared harder. A feeling of hate was rushing in his body as he watched you both interacted.

“Is that all you wanted to talk about?” Levi asked slightly rude. You glared at him not liking his attitude, but you knew his character so you’ll actually have to get use to it.

“Yeah, and another thing Levi, cool it with the attitude and swearing. Luna likes to play pretend and she’ll play pretend as you and if I come home to her cursing up a storm or giving me your attitude, I will carry you over my shoulder like a small sack of potatoes, tie you down in the restroom, and wash your mouth with soup, got that” You ordered. So much for trying to let his attitude just slip by.

Now Levi was really piss! No one has ever talked to him like that and lived! He stood up and you stood up glaring at each other.

“What the hell did you just say!?”

“Enough” Erwin placed his arm between you two “We will do our best to make sure we are not a bad influence on your nieces” He stated.

You and Levi had a glaring contest with each other that looked quite intense to Erwin. He felt lucky that he was able to stop Levi from hurting you or things would have gotten very ugly. Levi let out a ‘tch’ and walked away. Erwin was going to go after him, but you placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

“Just let him cool off, I’m sure he’ll be fine. Please help me set the tables for dinner” You told him. Erwin just nodded and helped you.

Levi’s P.O.V.

‘That damn brat! Who the hell does she think she is talking to me to me like that!?’ I screamed in my head.

I walked to the back and had the door close behind me. I was so pissed at her!....but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to punch her…

“Tch! Whatever she’s just a bitch!” I said out loud to myself. I looked around the backyard and just raised a brow. It’s a pretty weird backyard with some fancy play set thing and then just a big open space. I took a deep breath and decided to head back in since I have no fucking idea what to do cause Shitty Glasses fucked everything up! As I was walking back I heard a loud squeal and looked up. I saw Reiner holding up Luna and she had a big smile on her face. I didn’t even realize that a small, small smile started making my way to my face. I shook my head and headed back in; things are gonna be very interesting in this new world.

(At 6:30 p.m.)

Normal P.O.V.

The pizza had arrived and you had some the guys help you take the boxes into the kitchen. After you had paid the pizza boy, you went to the kitchen and served everyone. Marco and Armin offered to serve everyone water while Mikasa and Petra helped the girls settle down for dinner. You poured some food for Chow in his little bowl and he started eating. Luna was just bouncing with joy.

“Pizza! Pizza!” Luna cheered

“Is pizza good Luna?” Mikasa asked with a very tiny smile

“Aw-huh! Pizza yummy!” She replied happily

You cut a slice of pizza for Luna and Aurora. Luna can eat almost two pizzas if they’re cut up and Aurora needs to food that’s more solid since some of her teeth had come in so you give half of one Luna’s pizza to her. Cut into smaller pieces though.

“What is pizza anyway?” Connie asked

“Well it’s a different type of pasta that we had earlier. I ordered a topping called pepperoni so you guys could try something new. If you don’t like it, just peel them off.” You replied

Once everyone had the slice they wanted on a plate they picked where they wanted to sit. You placed Luna’s food on in front of her on her little table.

“Tank chu Auntie!” Luna smiled

“You’re welcome Little Duck” You kissed her forehead before heading to Aurora’s chair and placed her plate in front of her. She just smiled at you as a thank you and you gave her a small kiss on her forehead. You headed over to a empty spot at the table and sat down to eat.

“Wait, shouldn’t you feed Aurora her food?” Krista asked

“Not all the time. She’s 8 months old is growing her teeth and she needs to learn to eat on her own. It’ll still be messy, but at least she’s learning.” You looked over at Aurora and saw that she easily eating her food.

“Aurora sure is growing” Armin commented

“Yeah, I just wish she was old enough to be potty trained already” You joked. That made mostly everyone chuckle.

During dinner you had explained a couple of things about your world. It mostly about the technology that had been created and the occasional questions about food by Sasha. When everyone was finished you, Berthold, and Eren had done the dishes. You checked the time on your phone and saw that it was almost 7:30. Almost bed time for the girls and that meeting you had for everyone.

“Okay guys, I need to give the girls their baths and put them to sleep. Do any of you guys wanna help? By guys I mean the girls.” You announced. They all raised their hands. You chuckled and picked up Aurora.

“Come on Little Duck, it’s bath time” You smiled at her

“Can eveyone come an see my batroom?” Luna asked

“Of course, but only the girls are going to stay since they’re girls” You answered

“Yay!” She grabbed the nearest hand, which was Levi’s, and dragged him upstairs. Levi was startled a bit by the sudden action. He turned his head to you, but you were trying not to laugh with the others and only gave him a tiny wave. He sent you a glare, but continued to be dragged by the little girl. Everyone had followed Luna to her restroom that she wanted everyone to see. Petra picked up Chow since he was trying to keep up with everyone.

“Tis my batroom! Auntie made it so pretty! See!” Luna beamed (… )

“It sure is pretty!” Krista smiled at her excitement. Everyone had entered and looked around. You had more quotes around the walls, that’s what they really wanted to see the most. It made most of them smile.

“Okay boys out, girls stay, and then bed time.” You ordered. Everyone nodded and did what they needed to. Petra handed Chow to Marco so he wouldn’t be running around while the girls were getting clean. The boys went down to the living room while the girls stayed and learned how to bath your girls. That way when you had to come home late they can already be clean. After you put Luna and Aurora in their pajamas you brought them and the other girls down stairs.

“So” You announced to get their attention “I am going to put Aurora to sleep and Luna can stay up for another 20 minutes. I need Petra, Krista, Marco, Armin, and Eren to come with me and the rest of you watch Luna.”

You and the ones you asked for followed you to Aurora’s room while Luna ran up Mikasa, who happily picked her up. When you entered Aurora’s room you taught them the routine you had to put her to sleep. First you rocked her in the rocking chair. Second you get a bottle of water you always have next to the chair and give it to her to drink. It has to be room temperature. Third you tell her a story as she drinks. It could any story, so long as it’s kid friendly. She’ll start to get really sleepy when the story finishes. And lastly you put her in her crib, give her, her stuff kitten, turn on the mobile over the crib, and wait for her to go to sleep. Within a couple of minutes Aurora was asleep. You gave her gentle kiss on her head had you and the others quietly walk out.

“And that’s how you put her to sleep. So when I work late, I need you guys to do that routine EXACTLY how I did. Or she will not go to sleep. Got it?” They nodded happily to you and you went down stairs. When you got to the living room you saw Luna on Mikasa’s lap, who was in between Erwin and Hanji. Hanji had Chow on her lap and had petted him to sleep. The others were all around them.

“You use to have lots of horsies?” Luna asked
“Yup” Erwin nodded with a small smile “We had brown ones and black ones that could run really fast.”

“Wow. And they weally big to?”

“Really big and really strong to” Erwin smiled more when Luna got more excited.

“They were messy and smelled gross all the time” Levi scowled at the memory of their mess.

“Cause ta are anmales silly” Luna giggled. Some of the others chuckled and Levi only rolled his eyes.

“What are you guys talking about?” You smiled

“Horsies Auntie! Ewin say tey had so many!” Luna happily replied, which made everyone smile.

“That’s great! And sounds like someone might want to hear a bed time story about horses” You hinted to her. Luna caught the hint and stood on Mikasa’s lap excited.

“Yeah!” She cheered.

You and some of the others couldn’t help to chuckle. You went over and picked her up. “You got it. So how about we get you comfy in your bed and tell you a great story about horses before bed time?” You offered. Luna happily nodded and you went up to her room. Hanji carefully walked with the sleeping puppy in her arms.

When you reached Luna’s room, you tucked her in. You had Hanji place Chow in his little dog house. When everyone had gathered around her, you let the others tell her their stories, but shot them a look here and there when they mentioned the titans. Luckily they didn’t say anything too detailed. When their story was over you placed her stuff duck in
her arms.

“Okay Luna, I am going to place a few blankets on the floor so that some of our new friends can sleep here with you for the night. They’re going to stay up for a while in the living room so I can talk to them and then they’ll come in okay?” You informed her

“Okay Auntie…” Luna yawned
You shooed everyone to get out, they left while saying goodnight to her, and started placing some blankets on the floor. You turned Luna’s nightlight and kissed her forehead.

“I love you Auntie”

“Love you to Little Duck” You turned off her lamp “Goodnight”

You quietly walked out of her room and went into the living room. Everyone turned to you when entered. You sat on the couch between Eren and Berthold. They gathered around you to hear what you had wanted to say.

“Okay so earlier, while I was changing Aurora, I made a list of who is sleeping where. Who you want to sleep with is up to you. I also made plans for tomorrow to get you clothes that are uh…from here. There is a lot you’re going to have to learn and it will be very weird, but you guys are tough. I’m sure you guys will adjust to this world after a while.” You smiled at them and reserved a couple of smiles back.

“And as for the girls” You continued “I’m gonna have to lay down a few rules.”

“Oh come on” Reiner smirked “We’re all good with kids. Do we really need some rules?”

“Hell yes” You shot him a glare that caused him put his hands up in defense. “I don’t want you guys mentioning anything from your world to the girls anymore.”

“But why? Luna really liked the titans when they were in the story” Hanji cried.

“Because Luna should only believe that you guys made them up in the story. You guys have to keep in mind that your titans have never existed in this world. She doesn’t know the kind of horror you guys have been through and I want to keep it that way.” You explained.

“Tch! You really think it’s just so easy to forget the bull shit we’ve gone through!?” Levi spat.

“I’m not asking to forget anything. I’m asking to keep all the bad stuff from our world with you. After all this world isn’t exactly perfect either.” You spat back.

“Come on there are no titans here, doesn’t that make this world perfect enough?” Jean asked.

“Unfortunately no. There is still evil in this world and I know that no matter what I do I can’t always protect my girls from it. So if this bursts your bubble about this world then I’m sorry, but there is always going to be some kind of evil.” You answered.

“She has a point” Mikasa commented “In our world we had to deal with evil titans and evil people. I’m not that surprised that there would be evil people here as well.”

This pretty much disappointed everyone. Most of them were hoping that this world would just be filled with peace and happiness, but I guess it was too good to be true. You saw how down everyone looked, even Levi and Annie showed it.

“Hey guys don’t look so down. I mean yeah there are still evil people here, but there’s still so much more good then evil.” You smiled “I promise that during the time you guys are here I’ll show you all the great stuff about this world then you could possible imagine!”

At that everyone smiled back at you. You were glad that had cheered them up. Though now you would have to work a little extra hard to pay for everyone…oh well, so long as they were happy.

“I also want to show you guys the neighborhood here so in case I have to work all day you guys can take the girls to the park or pick Luna up from school. That’s all I have to say for now, but” You checked the time and saw that it was almost 10 “It’s getting late and this has been a long day, really weird day. Whoever wants to sleep with Luna can go-“ Mikasa and Hanji insistently ran up to her room before you could finish. You and few others chuckled at them.

“Anyway I have five other guest rooms that you guys can decide on. Come on” You stood up and walked upstairs with the others following you. Petra , Annie, and Sasha decided to sleep together while Ymir and Krista slept in the other. They’ll share with Mikasa and Hanji tomorrow night. Eren, Armin, and Connie decided to share while Jean, Marco, Reiner, and Berthold shared. Levi and Erwin were gonna share just with each other since a) they’re still as commanders and b) Erwin is the only one truly use to Levi and his OCD. Everyone said goodnight to each other and headed to their rooms they picked. You headed to your room and changed into your pajamas. Boy what a day…as soon as you laid down on your bed you knocked out.
Attack On Titan X Reader Modern AU Chapter 8
I am back! I have finally returned after finals and a break! I know it took forever, but I finally got to it and made it longer. I'll try not to take too much time for the next chapter, but no promises.
Please like and comment for the story and the room designs I did myself.
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